Filed my first Feature Request

I files my first SL Feature Request: I would like to have a funtion to home my cam (i.e. see my AV on screen after moving around with the cam). This is usefull if somebody chats to you, and you want to see the person.

Currently this can be done with ESC, however that will turn the AV to face in Cam's direction. And I find that quite annoying. If you agree, jump over to FR Number 3378 on the Second Life Community Vote, and give me your votes.

NB: that web application uses frames and is therefore pretty bad to navigate, so go directly to the start page at http://secondlife.com/vote/, log in, and after that enter the ID 3378 in the "Fetch Prop(osal).#" Box.


PS: while we are at it, another thing I recommend you to vote for is Proposal 3372. This will allow group owners to limit group chat permissions to certain (or no) pleople. This is great for limiting chat-spam in announce only Groups.