Linden Realms

Linden Lab created some real games inside the game. Within a Linden Realm one can go on a treasure hunt. The (with mesh) beautifully designed area invites to explore. However the game quality is not too good. It is just a minor distraction - especially when you want to collect some L$.


2008: The shocking truth about SL

I was wandering around SL, and found a strange Abandoned Toy Factory in Leafminer (218, 196, 40). I am not quite sure what happened, but I found myself like this:

And what is now even worse, looking into my Inventory, I could find a picture, which changed my life radically! I learned that you do not have real humans in second life, only strange robots - maybe sexdolls.

So I wish everybody a happy new year, and sorry to destory all your illusions...


Filed my first Feature Request

I files my first SL Feature Request: I would like to have a funtion to home my cam (i.e. see my AV on screen after moving around with the cam). This is usefull if somebody chats to you, and you want to see the person.

Currently this can be done with ESC, however that will turn the AV to face in Cam's direction. And I find that quite annoying. If you agree, jump over to FR Number 3378 on the Second Life Community Vote, and give me your votes.

NB: that web application uses frames and is therefore pretty bad to navigate, so go directly to the start page at http://secondlife.com/vote/, log in, and after that enter the ID 3378 in the "Fetch Prop(osal).#" Box.


PS: while we are at it, another thing I recommend you to vote for is Proposal 3372. This will allow group owners to limit group chat permissions to certain (or no) pleople. This is great for limiting chat-spam in announce only Groups.


Help Needed: Home Location

For month I had my home location set to a store plaze somewhere on mainland. Mainly because it was not so crowded, a nice place and had a mature rating. Now they moved to an Island, so I cant set my Home to that location any more. So I am kind of homeless.

Since I dont own estate on SL, I wonder where I should set my home to. I have no idea how to find good places. What I am looking for is a location which allows me to set home (Public Mainland Info Hub) and is Adult rated. Would be good if it is a quiet SIM. Suggestions welcome.


Second Life and restricted networks

I was on tour this week, and I had a Hotel with free WiFi Internet Access, however I was not able to start SL. The following page helped me: it describes how to set up an Proxy Service called "Your Freedom" which offer OpenVPN based Access from all restricted networks.


This might help you to play inside the company network, but I am not sure if you actually should try to circumvent company policy, make that decision yourself.


SL numbers

Meta Linden prepared the SL Key Metrics for July 2007. Besides some new numbers on performance and stability, the following I find interesting:

24.3% of the active SL avatars (Total: 1,038,501) are female, and they spent 42.1% of all online hours. This means female avatars spent in average 40h online a month, and males only 17h.

If you dont want to use software to view them, use the Google Docs online version.


Feeling like a Goddess...

Some people on my friends list I havent seen in a long time, some new ones appeared and made me feel like a Goddess again...


First they came...

Lindenlabs, the creator of Secondlife is in a difficult situation. They want to allow humans to act out those fantasies which are hard or impossible to act out in real. That is all what the second life is all about. This is why you can fly, but this is also the reason why you can be a samurai, a ponygirl, a hooker, Gangster or Business Man.

However the problem is, that SL is for mature audience only, but that audience has different tastes. One is offended by the fantasy of another. And since SL has not yet a more fine grained labling system than PG and M, this causes problems.

Especially when you have a role play which is perfectly valid in real life (nobody can harm two adults playing teacher and schoolgirl) but which looks very illegal cause it is displayed so "real" on the 3d screen.

Anyway lately LL was annoucing that they have a hard time and might need to enforce their policies against "broadlyoffensive" content some more.

I just want to point to two pages where you can read up and contribute against that kind of upcoming censorship.


Destroy Television

I have read an interesting Article on SLNN.com about the Art Project Destroy Television.

Sadly the project is already finished, but you can see the created artifacts. I don't like the label "Art Project" for all kind of media experiments, but seeing a virtual Avatar watch itself on a Real Life screen is something truly funny.