Help Needed: Home Location

For month I had my home location set to a store plaze somewhere on mainland. Mainly because it was not so crowded, a nice place and had a mature rating. Now they moved to an Island, so I cant set my Home to that location any more. So I am kind of homeless.

Since I dont own estate on SL, I wonder where I should set my home to. I have no idea how to find good places. What I am looking for is a location which allows me to set home (Public Mainland Info Hub) and is Adult rated. Would be good if it is a quiet SIM. Suggestions welcome.


Second Life and restricted networks

I was on tour this week, and I had a Hotel with free WiFi Internet Access, however I was not able to start SL. The following page helped me: it describes how to set up an Proxy Service called "Your Freedom" which offer OpenVPN based Access from all restricted networks.


This might help you to play inside the company network, but I am not sure if you actually should try to circumvent company policy, make that decision yourself.