Advertising in SL

I was a bit wandering around in SL to see, what kind of advertisement for in-world events is used. In a German speaking region I run across some signs.

One particular interesting sign was an advertisement for first life jobs at Festo one of the top industry and process automation companies (from Germany). They really know where to find their future staff...

They have also a blog for job trainees, which also blog about that second life action.


My First Linden

Happy St. Patricks Day everybody.

I have been with a friend listening to a Space Rock live performance in Serenity Woods. After that there has been a Paddy Day event (find the treasure of the Leprechaun). And guess what happened:



Sorting Inventory

In SL it is hard to keep track of your inventory. Sure you can drag everything around with you, without worrying about size and weight, but it is just so easy to lose track.

A major annoyance from time to time is the change clothes, especially if you are a stripper :) So I want to share with you three tips:

a) you can type "worn" in the inventory to filter the Inventory for wearables and attachments you have currently on.

b) you can click on folders to add or replace your current outfit. It is usually best to add a folder with a new dress and afterwards go to the old folder and take off all items from that. That way you can change quickly and never stand there nude.

c) have folders for each outfit, use the copy function to make a good collection. Move unneeded and seldomly used stuff you want to keep around to archive folders. Move all new folders you get after shopping or collecting freebies into sub-folders so the overall folder structure in the inventory is not too flat and fat.

Hope that helps.



A little known Feature in Second Life are conferences. So you can talk to more then one person by IM at the same time. You don't need to set up a group chat for this, or use the spatial chat. This is especially good if a group of girls go shopping.

You simply select multiple friends (it only works for friends and only in the friends list, not the IM list). You can select multiple by pressing the Ctrl-key, like you are used from other windows programs.

Once you have selected more than one person, you can teleport or IM them.