State of the Nation

So how are things going you ask? Well I still have a lot of fun doing stripping, teasing boys and hanging around. My Workplace St. Pauli has moved to a much bigger venue. It still has that retro flair and a cool spinning stage with a Motorcycle. However the room is bigger, so it does not remind so much of an shady red-light bar.

Things have been a bit slow money wise, since I have been less often working and most often at the wrong times.

Update: my (former) Boss kicked me out of his establishment, because he thinks I was working as an escort for another club. Well I actually will - its more kink friendly and the lady-boss has a crunch on me - however that place is not yet open. Well he could have at least talked to me, pretty bad style. But I can understand that he needs to enforce his house rules with all the other freelancing girls around.



Some People like to cause Grief - and are the reason it is hard to do Business on Second Life. Well, some Griefers seem to have at least a message.


New Poles

Hey Guys, I am so excited. Our Boss moved some walls and we have now two BIG rooms for private pole and lap dance. This will be so much fun to tease you, so step by, say Hi, and buy yourself some time which a girl who really needs to tease you.

Woman at work

Today is my third day at work, after we have opened our gates. I am curious what the day will bring. So far I head a great first day (Opening day) with two private strips and good tips, and a second day which was somewhat less good, but I was only there for two hours.

I noticed that the number of people present in the club vary between none and full quite often each day, so persistence is the best method to get some money.


My new Job

Have been mentioning my Job for quite some time. So let me tell you now, what it is and how I got it: I work as a Stripper and Dancer in a Gentleman Club. It is called St. Pauli, and you can find it in the Sim Moewenklippe (Mature). The Club is under German/American Management. Besides the Strip Club (with private Dance and Escorts) we also have a few Poker Tables.

The Grand Opening is Today (Friday 2/9/2007 12pm PST) so step by and say hi.

If you wonder how I got it, a employee of that Club saw me, and asked me if I want to join. I had an Job Interview with my Boss. He asked me some questions (how old, how much SL Experience, Dancer or Escort) made me Strip before him so he could check my appearance. He checked if my English (and German) is Ok.

I had to get a new Skin (used a Freebie one at that time, it had all the Features you need as a Stripper but not much Makeup). But he liked they Way I can communicate with People. I only wish he would stop complaining about my small nipples.

Well, hanging around there for a few days, I have seen quite a lot Job interviews, and I can give you a list of things not to do:
  • walk into the place passing the boss without greeting (take some time to read Tags and Profiles)
  • walk into the place and complain how empty it is (especially if you have to pass a big sign reading "opening party later this week")
  • run around in Newbie Skin or Hair and apply in Sex Business
  • having no Excite Equipment and apply as a Escort
  • beg for a Job ("I need money and will do anything"). It is especially bad if you show up everywhere without informing what they do and need. You wont do that in 1st life, eighter.
  • Have an up-to-date profile (picture, info, language, interests and possibly picks)

Besides that, it is a matter of luck and sympathie.

As a Dancer or Escort, you usually get a big share of your tips as Payment (50-100%). In our case the dancers get a fixed percentage and the escort depending on the turn around they have. Dancers need to work at least 4-5h a week.


Single Life

Yes, the chair next to me is empty. You know, sometimes it is hard to find a person who understands you. Especially if you work in this redlight business. So I have to have fun with clients, doing party all day - but still there is something missing in my heart.

And it does not even help to be bisexual. Woman have the same resantiments against that Job, as men do.

Hey speaking of Single. While exploring the Area I found the SL Bonus Bank. It is a german business, and they offer Lindens for Real Life shopping. Isn't that fun? You get for example 240L$, if you open up a friendscout24.de Account. Check it out, here (SURL): Austernbucht (237,37,29).

PS: maybe I found a nice Miss, who understands my job - she said I just should not dress slutty in her presence. Now that will be something new for me - but I try.


Hanging Around

So what does a professional Dancer do, if she is not working, you ask? Well I mostly hang around, take care of my body (for your pleasure). Want to see me Sun Bathing? Maybe you can find me at the Beach near my work place.

Oh and dont worry, I won't get tan lines. I put that panties on only for the pic.


Available Jobs in SL

If you run around in 2nd life and help new residents, you quickly realize, that the search for jobs is quite an issue for most newbies. And yes of course, there are ways to make money in Second Life. But those differ quite much.

First of all there are the simple jobs like cleaning windows or the street, playing slot machines, posing as a display dummy, sitting in chairs (camping), dancing on poles or even visiting stores.

All of those activities in the right place are payed in SL. A small amount of money is given more or less for presence. The land owner increases traffic (visitors) and can therefore better sell his services to investors (advertisers). You usually get 5-20L$/10-30min/1-10 cycles (cycles mean you get only payed a certain number of times before you have switch to a new spot). Sometimes those jobs check if you are away or require some regular interaction (There is an "ORB of Anti-Idle" if you have problems with that).

Those places are best found by asking others or looking in the search (camping, chairs, lottery, make money). You can do that, if you want to sit around for some chat (with the IM system). But generally the time wasted (to keep up to date) and the amount earned is in no relation. Isn't your online time worth more fun?

Not sure if there are websites or SL places where you can get current lists of camping sites (beside the search), if yes - post a comment.

The quickest way to make Lindens - and the one Linden Lab prefers for sure - is to actually exchange USD against lindens. Personally I recommend that to newbies: you need some money to design a character (and find a job) and the game is much more fun if you can go explore and shop instead of camping.

After all Lindens are cheap, 1000L$ are about 4USD. Start with 20 USD, this is still less than you would spent for other Online Games or a night in your favorite RL club. And it is just fun. If you have troubles getting your payment methods accepted by LL, you may buy Lindens also on EBay, however the exchange rate is a bit worse.

There are some jobs, which are payed better than those camping chairs. This includes DJ, Stripper, Escort, Poker Dealer, Event Organizer, Model or Sales Agent. All of them require some special knowledge, experience and appearance, just like you would expect from your other life. For most of those Jobs you will have to invest (see for example what a Stripper needs to do in a later post). You need to be communicative, be able to interact with people - entertain them.

And finally, SL lives from the ability of generating user content. Clothes, Things, Buildings, Animals even creatures - all that can be build, designed and scripted. Everybody can be a Designer, Builder or Scripter. It requires however deeper understanding of things like Photoshop (for Textures used in Design), Scripting (Linden Scripting Language), Building (Combining 3d Primitives) , Sound Mixing or Animation (with Poser or other Animator Tools). This is a lot of fun, and not neccesaryly something only for computer geeks. If you are interested in that, there is exactly one place to start with: Natalia's SL Blog and of course the SL Wiki and Developer Resources.

Big Big Money can be made by Auctioning for Land, being a Landlord or offering Facilities like Malls or running networks for merchandising and Events. However this entrepreneurship requires a lot of time, skill and especially risk aware investments (we speak about hundreds of USD per week and thousands per auction).

If I find tips for making money, will post them in my Blog, look for the label money.

Hello Blog-World

Hello, my name is Elenora B. I am a professional Stripper and Dancer in a Gentleman Club. I have some intimate things to confess, please join me in my second life in the redlight district.